Boxes Dictionary

Here we offer you a short description to the different types of moving boxes. Since there is a vast selection of boxes it is good for you to know in which box is best to put a certain item. There are standard boxes, and specially designed boxes for dishes, mirrors, paintings, clothes, etc.


Small/book cartons (1.5 cubic foot moving boxes) - The smallest boxes, easy to handle and designed for small and heavy items like books, CD’s, and DVD’s, cans, shoes, etc. A recommendation of ours is not to overload the boxes and try to pack the similar items together, as well.

Medium cartons (3 cubic foot moving boxes) - You can pack many smaller items in these boxes, such as small tools and appliances, shoes and clothes.

Large cartons (4.5 cubic foot moving boxes) - Larger boxes and in this way used for lighter items like stuffed toys and pillows.

Large cartons (6 cubic foot boxes) – These are the largest boxes and it is better to use them for the lightest items. Otherwise they will be difficult to load/unload.


Use these boxes for all the items that require special care and attention.

Dishpacks - Specially dessigned for china, glassware and crystalware. Reinforced with cellular inserts and with separate cells for the items.

Boxes for moving dishes or dish barrels - Probably the strongest boxes, which makes them ideal for small fragile items, usually dishes, small figurines, etc.

Picture/Mirror moving boxes – Specially designed for large fragile objects, perfect for pictures and mirrors. These boxes are offered in both sizes – large and small, and the corners of each box are reinforced.

Upright Cartons - For your special-sized items such as lamps or statues.

Wardrobe Boxes – Designed for your clothing in order to move everything wrinkle-free and clean, all your clothes are on hangers in these “portable” closets.

Mattress Cartons – In order to protect your mattresses from dirt and tearing use these boxes.