Frequently Asked Questions

What a Bill of Lading means?

The contract between the moving company and its customers is called Bill of Lading or BOL. Before signing the Bill of Lading, you should read and understand it very well as it is an evidence of title to the goods in case of a dispute.

Is there a best time to move?

Yes, some periods are busiest and it is better not to move if possible. Try to avoid relocations during summer as it is the busiest period. Also, the charges of the moving companies are higher during weekends and in non working hours.

When I have to make a reservation for my move?

Our advice is to contact the moving company in order to inform yourself and to reserve your move as soon as you know that you are going to move. 2 to 3 months before the actual moving date are just enough, in this way there will be enough time for the whole preparation process.

Is there a possibility for me to track the shipment?

Yes, by visiting our site or by contacting us you can track your shipment 24/7.

What does a bulkhead mean?

Sometimes your goods cannot take a whole truck, in such cases it is shared with another client. The divider that separates your belongings from those of the others is called bulkhead.

Can I get a free moving quote from Northeast Movers?

Yes, by filling in the online form. It is 100% free and our consultants will contact you right away providing you with a free moving quote.

Is it true that some things cannot be shipped?

Yes, it is true. Acids, flammables, plants, paints, chemicals, ammunition are some of the things that are not allowed and the moving companies are not able to ship such items. Contact us for further information upon such items.

How to move my pet animals?

You can contact the moving company which will organise the transportation of your animals, or you can take them with you. Some states have restrictions when it comes to certain animals, so you’d better inform yourself about that. Also, remember thet your pet should have all the vaccinations and documents required.

What about the loading of my goods? Is there any time required?

Usually the client has up to 3 working days to load the shipment. Contact your mover if you need additional time.

Are there any special requirements when packing?

No, there are no precise requirements. However, in order to pack your items well, you should use only high-quality packing supplies and boxes. Also, the mover is going to inspect how your items are packed before loading them in order to ensure the maximum protection of your goods. See our sections with information or contact us for further questions.

What should I do in order to protect my fragile items?

In case you decide to pack the fragile items by yourself, see our information sections. We suggest you to wrap individually each fragile item, providing plenty of cushioning and always use high-quality materials. Label the boxes with “Fragile” and “This side up” to indicate the mover that more attention is needed. As an experienced mover Northest Movers suggests you to trust the professionals for the packing of fragile and breakable items.

I have a lot of antiques, can you move everything undamaged?

Yes, Northeast Movers is a professional moving company and our team is able to move all the special items requested -antiques, collectibles, music instruments, etc. The maximum protection of your special items is 100 % guaranteed.

Do you provide storage services?

Yes, of course. Northeast Movers understands that sometimes the relocation takes more time than scheduled. For that reason we provide to all our customers storage services for as long as necessary. For more information upon our storages see our section Storage or contact us.

What is an estimate transit time?

The duration of the move given in advance by the moving companies. It can change and in case of exceptional circumstances.

There are many different questions and concerns that may occur to you before or during the relocation. Don’t hesitate and contact us. We would be pleased to assisst you with all the necessary information.